No nonsense OS X notifications for scripts.

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No nonsense OS X notifications for scripts.


This repostory contains some Objective-C code that can be used by external programs to display native OS X notifications.


It all started as an idea to practice writing Python extensions in C. Then @lukaszkorecki suggested to support FFI so this code can be used in languages other than Python. The idea was to allow scripts to display notifications without relying on calling third party binaries.

In time, the idea evolved to become a shared library which can be used by other programs (e.g. the supplied osxnotify program) that want to display notifications.



To install the libosxnotify library, issue the following command:

$ ./configure
$ make install

By default, the library will install to /usr/local. You can change this using --prefix parameter for configure, e.g.

$ ./configure --prefix=/Users/bilbo/opt/libosxnotify
$ make install


See the code of osxnotify program for usage example.

Issues and limitations

Due to the nature of OS X notification system, it's currently impossible to change the icon. OS X assumes that notifications are sent from a running app. Since this isn't the case in, say, Python scripts, libosxnotify has to hack Objective-C runtime to make it think there's an app running. By doing so, libosxnotify sets the ID of the current up to the system-provided

libosxnotify only supports text content (title, subtitle and informative text) in notifications. Buttons, inputs and images aren't supported.

UTF-8 is the only supported text encoding. And yes, emojis are supported ;).


Keep in mind that this whole thing is a hack. It may not work as expected or it may surprise you by blowing up your program. You've been warned.



libosxnotify is licensed under MIT License.


libosxnotify was written by Tomek Wójcik.